A pet - yes or no?

So exciting, a new buddy! Don't forget, however, that your new friend won't stay for just one day: Having a pet is a long-time commitment you'll have to take care of it day in, day out. Therefore make sure you really know you want a pet and if so, which one. Rodents for example come in many 'shapes and sizes' which doesn't make your choice any easier. So, before heading to the pet store, ask yourself the following questions:


Does the pet of my choice match with me and my home and lifestyle?

Each pet has its specific requirements. Many rodents sleep in the daytime and are active at night: You therefore can't keep these animals in your room as they might disturb your good night's sleep. Not all pets are easy to care for. Gerbils, for example aren't suitable for children under 6 years of age.


Do I have enough time to take care of my pet and does the animal get enough attention?

One animal requires more care than the other. Therefore see how much time a day you'll have to take




care of the animal of your choice. Thorough information is always a must. Do your research before buying an animal to prevent unnecessary problems and disappointments. On our website, you'll find lots of useful advice about the various rodents species: Where they come from, their characteristics, what they eat, how to handle them etc. Here follows some general advice:



Breeding Rodents

To prevent problems, always make sure there are sufficient future homes for the babies before you start breeding.



It's difficult to recognize a disease: When in doubt, consult a veterinary surgeon he knows all about your pet's specific diseases. If you don't know how



to take care of your pets nails or teeth, ask your vet or an experienced adult for help. A pet YES or NO? And you did your share of thinking? And your answer is still 'yes'? Congratulations we wish you lots of fun with your new friend!