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Cocini Premium Diner

Cocini Premium Diner is a high quality,adequate food mix, that meets the specific nutritional needs of your canary. Cocini Premium is varied, tasty and responsible food mix with carefully selected, all-natural ingredients. Put the bird cage in a light spot, protected against direct sunlight and draught. Fasten the food and drink containers on a clean, easily accessible spot. Offer fresh drinking water and a fresh portion of Cocini Premium Diner every day.


Balanced mix

Cocini Premium Diner is a carefully selected mixture composed of high quality ingredients and contains canary bird seeds, rape seeds, bird biscuits, linseed, oats, poppy and grass seeds. The carefully composed mixture makes sure your canary gets all the benefits of the quality ingredients, keeping it in top condition.



Grains, seeds, vegetable by-products, bakery products, vitamins and minerals.